Our guiding principle is the quality and efficiency of aviation training that will create a good foundation for the challenging occupation of an air transport pilot. Your subsequent professional growth at the airline will be built on this foundation. A successful start of your career begins with basic habits that will ensure a successful passing of the selection procedure at the airline and the subsequent on-the-job training. Our experience confirms the correctness of our training methods, which we adapt to the requirements of airlines.

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Air transport pilot



Level  1

PIC CC - Pilot in Command Cross Country

Level 2

VFR Night

Level 3

IR - Instrument Rating

Level 4

MEP - Multi-Engine Piston

Level 5

CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence

Level 6

ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Level 7

 VFR Communications

 IFR Communications

Principles of Flight

Radio Navigation

Air Law


Mass and Balance



Human Performance and Limitations

Operational Procedures

General Navigation

Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring

Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment

Basic licence, prerequisite of further ATPL studies.

Entitles the holder to independently manage a single-engine airplane to which they have the appropriate type training.

Aviation training focused on navigation flights performed in Slovakia, but also other in countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia etc. Navigation flights are predominantly planned around operated areas and larger domestic or international airports.

Night-time training is conducted exclusively at airports with adequate facilities. This part of training is essential for all professional pilots.

A module designed to train pilots for instrument flights. It is one of the most important and most challenging parts of the pilot training. This module includes theoretical training, flight simulator training and practical training.

This module provides training on multi-engine airplanes equipped with piston engines. The training involves flying with two operating engines and with one of the engines off. As in IR, this part of the training is divided into a theoretical part and practical section.

CPL training and qualification entitles the pilot to operate in commercial air traffic. It allows them to act as commander of a single-pilot aircraft, as a first officer of a multi-pilot aircraft, or as an aviation instructor.

An airline transport pilot licence. To obtain this licence, the applicant has to pass tests at the Aviation Authority.


Unlike the previous blocks, ATPL is focused solely on theory. The minimum age for starting the theoretical preparation is 17 years. The module comprises of lectures by our professional lecturers and self-study.


This module consists of 650 hours of study and covers the following subjects:

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