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RTF theoretical training course The AeroJOB Aviation School offers its clients and the public a theoretical training course for passing the RTF exam at the telecommunications office. By successfully passing the exam at the office, the client will receive a radio operator's certificate ...

ATPL (A) – Transport pilot

Our main principle is the quality and effectiveness of flight training, which will build a good foundation for you in the demanding profession of a transport pilot. On this basis, your further professional growth will be built, which will already be provided by the air carrier.

PPL (A) – Private pilot

PPL (A) is the basic license necessary to continue the career of a transport pilot. It entitles the holder to operate independently a single-engine airplane for which he has the appropriate type training.

LAPL (A) – Pilot of light aircraft

The LAPL (A) license is intended for those who want to have flying exclusively as a hobby and do not require any further progress in the acquired qualifications. It is also intended for those who do not want to be limited by a national UL license.

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