I would like to become an air transport pilot. Do I need a university degree?

No, you don't, a secondary school leaving exam ("maturita") is sufficient. While some airlines may require a university degree, it is generally not necessary.


How long does the 0 – ATPL training take?

An ideal duration of the training is approximately 24 months, however, it depends on your availability.


Am I going to be able to work while undergoing the training?

Yes, if you choose module training. Majority of our clients work and use their earnings to finance the training, which they undergo in their free time.


When can I start my PPL training?

The applicant must be at least 15 years old when commencing the training; the minimum age for obtaining a PPL licence is 17 years. Prior to their first solo flight, the applicant must hold a second class medical qualification (MED II).


What is the age limit?

Pilots over 65 years of age are not permitted to operate commercial flights. The age limit is thus 65 years.


What options do I have to finance the training?

AeroJOB cooperates with Ceska Sporitelna in the Czech Republic and VUB Bank in Slovakia.

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