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Dávid Pastír

Dávid Pastír

Operating Manager & Compliance Monitoring Manager
Aerodrome Košice, Aerodrome Dubová, Aerodrome Kladno
+421 918 234 516
Qualifications: PPL (A), SEP (L), MEP (L), VFR Noc

Dávid Pastír graduated from the Faculty of Aviation in Košice in the fields of air traffic control officer and air traffic management. He started his career in aviation at Košice Airport, where he worked as a Check-in agent and TRC agent. Later, he worked at Košice Airport as a representative of Austrian Airlines, where he was in charge of supervising aircraft rotations, including the correct distribution of cargo. As part of his work duties, he also worked for a short time at the Vienna Airport.


Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training.

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