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Denis Červenka

Denis Červenka

Base Manager, Aerodrome Dubová
+421 902 155 602
Qualifications: PPL (A), SEP (L)

Denis Červenka started flying in the second half of 2020. It didn't take long before he took the responsibility of managing the AeroJOB base at the aerodrome Dubová. In the near future, he will expand his qualifications to fly at night and gradually progress to the level of a flight instructor.

„Denis, tell us something about yourself, your study, hobbies, interests, passions and plans in aviation."

I graduated from the field of Sports Shooting Coaching and Physical Education Teaching at the Comenius University in Bratislava – Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (FTVŠ UK). I am currently studying at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports as an internal doctoral student in the field of sports science. I work at the Department of Sports Education and Humanities. At the same time, I work at the Department of Outdoor Sports and Swimming as a lecturer of sports shooting, cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Since I was 13 years old, I have been professionally engaged in sports shooting, specifically rifle disciplines – Air rifle 60, Small caliber rifle 3×40. As a beginner sports shooter, I worked in the Vištuk sports and shooting club. At that time, this club was the seat of both us beginner shooters and physically handicapped paralympic sports shooters under the leadership of coach Jozef Široký, who regularly participated in the paralympic games. After two years in adolescent disciplines, based on my results, I was included in the Center for Talented Youth under the leadership of coach František Liptai and then in the junior national team of the Slovak Republic. As soon as I reached the goal of being a junior representative, I transferred from my parent club to the sports center for elite sports – Dukla Banská Bystrica Military Sports Center, where I started working with Olympic medalist Jozef Gőnc. Before the start of my studies at the university, I became a member of the center of the state sports team in Bratislava – Police Sports Center and the senior state sports team of the Slovak Republic, where, based on my results, I participated in many significant world competitions, such as World Cups, European Championships, World Championships, and where, last but not least, I had the opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games. In my free time, I work as an assistant coach at the Sports Center of the Police, where I am dedicated to sports youth.

In my free time, I primarily do recreational sports and other leisure activities such as walking in nature, running, swimming, cycling, cooking and fishing. I prefer to spend my free time in the circle of family and loved ones. I also feel very comfortable in the circle of pilots and aviation fans. I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I first visited the aerodromein Dubová (LZDV). The attitude of the pilots I met there was like from another world. People are nice, communicative and especially cheerful and full of energy. Later I started going there much more often and after the first taste of flying, I had an inner need to fly again and again. For me, flying is currently a means of mental relaxation and also an activity that allows me to improve in the field of systematic psychological training.

As for my goal in aviation, I primarily want to fly mainly for pleasure. Flying has been my dream since childhood. Due to the fact that I did not know the possibilities of flying in Slovakia, especially regarding private and sport flying, I did not deal with it much in addition to my study and sports duties, I just constantly walked around the world with my head raised to the sky, watching these interesting flying machines. When in 2020 the world was overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic and as a result of the restriction of sports activities due to the cancellation of all international competitions, the regular training process at the club and also distance learning at the university, I suddenly had a lot of free time and a life that I was not used to before. It required some activity, something that would occupy my head enough that it would be at least partially similar to the mental activity and concentration that you need to have in sports shooting, but in this case it was even better.

In October 2020, I started my PPL(A) flight training at AeroJOB at the aerodrome Dubová (LZDV) under the guidance of Ing. Róbert Bujňák. I completed my first solo on March 8, 2021. It was a truly unforgettable experience. At AeroJOB, I am extremely satisfied with the implementation of flight training provided by the company and especially with the company’s availability of a high-quality team of flight instructors with a long-term career in civil aviation, who always willingly and with a smile clarify the answers to all my questions. I currently hold a PPL(A) license and get to know the beauties of Slovakia from a bird’s eye view. In the future, I would like to apply my coaching and teaching experience in aviation and become a single-engine flight instructor for general aviation training groups and single-engine pilot training.

„Thank you! Denis, we are very happy to have you as a member of our team"

Denis fully covers the management of the base in Dubova. Assists students, pilots and takes care of assigned aircraft thoroughly.

If you have a question for Denis, don’t hesitate to write to him.


Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training.

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