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Join us for the next course and start your pilot career with us

    Welcome to AeroJOB Flight School. Our company provides quality and effective flight training for private and professional pilots. Join us and make your dream come true.

    „Your way to the cockpit of a transport plane"

    Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training. We offer flight training to those who want to fly for fun, but also to those who want to embark on the path of a professional pilot. 

    Courses and programs

    LAPL (A) – Pilot of light aircraft

    The LAPL (A) license is intended for those who want to have flying exclusively as a hobby and do not require any further progress in the acquired qualifications. It is also intended for those who do not want to be limited by a national UL license.

    PPL (A) – Private pilot

    PPL (A) is the basic license necessary to continue the career of a transport pilot. It entitles the holder to operate independently a single-engine airplane for which he has the appropriate type training.

    ATPL (A) – Transport pilot

    Our main principle is the quality and effectiveness of flight training, which will build a good foundation for you in the demanding profession of a transport pilot. On this basis, your further professional growth will be built, which will already be provided by the air carrier.

    Related courses

    RTF theoretical training course The AeroJOB Aviation School offers its clients and the public a theoretical training course for passing the RTF exam at the telecommunications office. By successfully passing the exam at the office, the client will receive a radio operator's certificate ...


      SK: +421 918 234 516
      CZ: +420 774 284 275
      AeroJob, s.r.o. (SK)
      Kosice – Barca Airport
      AeroJob, s.r.o. (CZ)
      Aviatická 1092/8, Praha

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