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Basic information
Letecká 41
041 75 Košice

Košice Airport is an international airport that is the second largest in Slovakia in terms of the number of passengers and regular transport. It is located in the Barca district, 6 km south of the city center.

It has an asphalt runway 3100 meters long and 45 meters wide with the possibility of parking and hangaring aircraft.

AeroJOB is located in the northeastern part of the airport. in the area of the aero club. A pleasant and friendly environment will delight pilots, future pilots and non-pilots with its services. Even the little ones will find fun there. 🙂

„Your way to the cockpit of a transport plane"

Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training. We offer flight training to those who want to fly for fun, but also to those who want to embark on the path of a professional pilot. Those interested in hobby flying with us can complete training completed by obtaining a LAPL (A) or PPL (A) license, future pilots of commercial aircraft, after obtaining a PPL (A) license, continue by completing all training modules up to the ATPL (A) Frozen license.

Courses and trainings

LAPL (A) – Light aircraft pilot

LAPL (A) – Light aircraft pilot The LAPL (A) license is intended for those who want to have flying exclusively as a hobby and do not require any further progress in the acquired qualifications. It is also intended for those who do not want to be limited by…

PPL (A) – Private pilot

PPL (A) – Private pilot PPL (A) is the basic license necessary to continue the career of a transport pilot. It entitles the holder to operate independently a single-engine piston airplane for which he has the appropriate type training. This license is also intended for those who want…

ATPL (A) – Transport pilot

ATPL (A) – Transport pilot By completing the course 0 – ATPL (A) Frozen, the client can apply for a job as a transport pilot in commercial airlines. On this basis, your further professional growth will be built, which will already be provided by the air carrier. 0set…

ATPL Theory

ATPL Theory ATPL is a certificate of competence of a transport pilot of airplanes. The condition for obtaining it is the successful completion of tests at the Aviation Authority. The course is focused on theoretical teaching. The minimum age for starting theoretical education is 17 years. Teaching takes…

Related courses

RTF – Radiooperator The AeroJOB Flight School offers its clients and the public a theoretical preparation course for passing the RTF exam at the telecommunications office. By successfully passing the exam at the office, the client will receive a certificate of radiotelephone operator of the aeronautical mobile service.…

CPL (A) – Commercial pilot

CPL (A) – Commercial pilot CPL (A) is a license that authorizes a pilot to operate in commercial aviation. It allows him to act as the commander of a single-pilot aircraft, or as the first officer of a multi-pilot aircraft, or even as a flight instructor. A pilot…

VFR – Night

VFR – Night flights VFR – Night is a qualification category that allows you to fly at night under ground visibility conditions. The training is primarily aimed at coping with the increased psychological burden caused by reduced visibility, difficult spatial orientation and is carried out exclusively at airports…

IR (A) – Instrument qualification

IR (A) – Instrument qualification IR is the training of pilots for the needs of flights under IFR rules under meteorological conditions for flight under IMC instruments. The basis of training is instrument flying together with increased requirements for piloting technique. There is practical training for instrument approaches…

MEP – Multi-engine aircraft

MEP – Multi-engine aircraft MEP is a qualification category allowing to perform flights on multi-engine aircrafts. The goal of the training is to familiarize the pilot with flying on a multi-engine type of aircraft. Engine failure training, thrust asymmetry management and other actions related to the multi-engine type…

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      Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training.

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