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VFR - Night flights

VFR - Night is a qualification category that allows you to fly at night under ground visibility conditions.

The training is primarily aimed at coping with the increased psychological burden caused by reduced visibility, difficult spatial orientation and is carried out exclusively at airports with adequate equipment.

This part of the training is essential for all professional pilots and also for pilots who have flying as a hobby.


Acquired 5 flight hours during training


Ability to fly at night under visibility conditions

Minimal requirements


The applicant must have a valid PPL (A) or LAPL (A) license


The minimum age for obtaining the qualification is 17 years


Before the first solo flight, the applicant must hold a 1st or 2nd Class medical qualification with a color vision test


After commencement the training, he must hold a radiotelephone operator's license

Theoretical teaching

The theoretical part of the training consists of at least 1 hour.
During the training, the pilot is familiarized in detail with the differences between day and night flights from the point of view of flight technique, rules, procedures and the effect of increased load on a human being.
Theory is taught in our premises at the airport in Košice.
The result of the preparation is an understanding of the requirements of night flights.

Operating procedures


Human performance and limitations



Practical teaching

The practical part of the training consists of 5 flight hours, divided into 2 nights.
Before the first flight, the pilot is tested on theoretical knowledge. After proving knowledge, the pilot can start flying with instructors.
1. step
Piloting technique at night
2. step
Emergency procedures training
3. step
Basic instrument flights
4. step
First solo flights
5. step
Navigation flight with an instructor
6. step
Solo navigation flight
7. step
Examination by an inspector from the Transport Office
Obtaining a qualification for performing flights at night

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