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ATPL (A) - Transport pilot

By completing the course 0 – ATPL (A) Frozen, the client can apply for a job as a transport pilot in commercial airlines. On this basis, your further professional growth will be built, which will already be provided by the air carrier.

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It is a basic license necessary to start a career as a transport pilot. It entitles the holder to operate independently a single-engine airplane for which he has the appropriate type training.

PIC CC - Pilot in Command Cross Country

It is a chapter of aviation training focused on navigation flights around the country performed within Slovakia, but also other countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, etc. Navigation flights are mostly planned to controlled areas and to larger domestic or international airports.

VFR Night

Night training according to the rules of flight in visibility is performed exclusively at airports with adequate equipment. This part of the training is essential for all professional pilots.

IR - Instrument Rating

Module designed to train pilots for instrument flights. It is one of the most important and challenging parts in traffic pilot training. This module includes theoretical training, flight simulator training and practical training.

MEP - Multi-Engine Piston

It provides the pilot with an extension of the level of competence to multi-engine airplanes equipped with piston engines. The training includes piloting an aircraft with two engines running and piloting with one of the engines shut down. As in IR, this part of the training is divided into a theoretical part and a flight part.

CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence

Training and obtaining a CPL qualification entitles the pilot to operate in commercial air operations. It allows him to act as a pilot-in-command of single-pilot aircraft, or as a first officer of a multi-pilot aircraft, or as a flight instructor.


ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot Licence

It is a certificate of competency of an aircraft transport pilot. The condition for obtaining it is successful completion of tests at the Aviation Authority. Unlike the previous blocks, this one focuses only on theoretical teaching. The minimum age for starting theoretical instruction is 17 years. Teaching takes place in the form of lectures with the help of our professional lecturers and is subsequently supplemented by self-study.

Minimal requirements


The age of the applicant must be at least 15 years at the time of the start of the training


The minimum age for obtaining a PPL (A) license is 17 years


Before the first solo flight, the applicant must hold a 2nd Class medical qualification


Upon commencement of the training, he must hold a radiotelephone operator's license

Theoretical teaching

The theory lasts 650 hours and includes chapters from the following subjects:

Operating procedures


Aviation law and ATC procedures


Basics of flight


Kites and systems, electrical system, propulsion unit and emergency equipment


Aircraft performance


Aircraft weight and balance




General navigation


Radio navigation


Flight planning and monitoring


VFR communication


IFR communication




Human performance

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