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LAPL (A) - Light aircraft pilot

The LAPL (A) license is intended for those who want to have flying exclusively as a hobby and do not require any further progress in the acquired qualifications.

It is also intended for those who do not want to be limited by a national UL license.

A typical LAPL (A) person wants to learn how to fly a small aircraft on a European scale and wants to be able to fly passengers and luggage during the day or even at night.


Smaller minimum raid than PPL (A) (30 h)


Possibility to fly in EASA countries


Possibility to fly with passengers (over 450kg)

Minimal requirements


The age of the applicant must be at least 15 years at the time of the start of the training


The minimum age for obtaining a LAPL (A) license is 17 years


Before the first solo flight, the applicant must hold a 2nd Class medical qualification


Upon commencement of the training, he must hold a radiotelephone operator's license

Theoretical teaching

The theoretical part of the training consists of 100 teaching hours.
50 hours are training before the start of the flight training itself and 50 hours are realized as part of ground training, which is part of the flight part of the training.
Theory is organized in our premises at the airports in Košice and Dubová.
The result of the preparation is a theoretical examination at the Transport Office in Bratislava. Each client has their own E-learning account available for thorough preparation for the theoretical exam.

General knowledge of aircraft








Operating procedures


Basics of flight


Aircraft flight performance and flight planning


Human performance and limitations


Aviation law and ATC procedures

Practical teaching

The practical part of the training consists of 30 flight hours.
Before the first flight, a physical familiarization with the aircraft is carried out at one of our airports according to the manual for the given type of aircraft.
After proving knowledge of the aircraft manual, the student can start flying with the instructors according to the individual steps.
1. step
Basics of piloting technique
2. step
Emergency procedures training
3. step
First solo flights
4. step
Basic instrument flights
5. step
Piloting technique improvement
6. step
Navigation flights with an instructor
7. step
Solo navigation flights
8. step
Examination by the flight school
9. step
Examination by an inspector from the Transport Office
Obtaining a light aircraft pilot’s license

I want to become a pilot!


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