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J. R. – AeroJOB Cadet Pilot

As a young guy in high school, I didn’t know what to do with my life, until one day while traveling I thought that piloting large airliners might be something I would enjoy. I started to get an overview of what is needed for this, what steps are, conditions and, most importantly, whether it is available if possible. I came across AeroJOB completely by accident. At first, I couldn’t find anything about this school on the Internet – so by hand, I first went to look at the plane and a few weeks later I came to the open door day, had all my questions answered, and six months later I was already sitting in the classroom as a student in theory. In two months, I already took the exam at the Transport Office of the Slovak Republic and flew in the cockpit of an airplane for the first time.

I had the opportunity to fly with many instructors. They are all based on their experience gained over the years in practice. Whether we are talking about airline pilots, air rescue pilots, air traffic controllers in Košice, one of the best aerial acrobats in Slovakia, up to the legend of the Slovak air force – the commander of the aerobatic group White Albatross. During the training, I had the opportunity to fly with almost every instructor working in Košice. The diversity of their activities brings many different and very important knowledge and experiences beyond the scope of the syllabus, which a person can really use in flying and in life.

I got my first license while I was in high school and I never felt that flying had any negative impact on other responsibilities or leisure activities. I combined my university studies with my current “hobby” and my future dream of driving large commercial aircraft, and now I am student of the Aviation Faculty of the Technical University in Košice. I have even more time and space than during high school.

However, flight training is a financially demanding matter, not to mention the “invisible at first” expenses for the air raid necessary for the continuation of the training. It must be said objectively that other organizations could be used for training in Slovakia, which would, for example, provide a private pilot’s license at a lower price. However, there are several indisputable advantages of AeroJOB – apart from the instructor team, which is the „alpha and omega“ of the training, it is the environment – one will absorb aviation communication, phraseology and procedures much faster when flying from a managed international airport, not to mention meeting commercial traffic. In addition to these two main advantages, it is important to mention that AeroJOB offers training from scratch to employment and cooperates with many airlines. At AeroJOB, they are able to guide you from your first flight to a job interview with air carriers, for which they will prepare you well.

In my free time and during rush hours, I regularly rent an airplane from AeroJOB. After registering in the calendar, if the plane is still free at that time, I am sure that when I arrive at the airport, the plane will be ready and checked by a responsible mechanic who will take over, check and refuel the plane after arrival. It is not a problem to take anyone you know with you and fly around Slovakia with them – the passengers really like the Tatras from the plane. And not only them, but me too, every single time I go back there, I’m in amazed. To be above Tatras and beyond all the problems of the ordinary world is a feeling that you never stop enjoying :).

Everything has its pros and cons, and the AeroJob flight school is no exception, because nothing is perfect, but it must be said that AeroJOB offers very high quality services at a very favorable price/performance ratio.


Since 2007, AeroJOB has been the first and only company on the Slovak and Czech markets to provide a complete service of services in the field of transport pilot training.

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